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About Czacki

Dear guests,

Tadeusz Czacki High School, situated in the center of Warsaw - the capital city of Poland, offers a general education program for students in Warsaw and its surroundings. On average, around 600 students attend Czacki High School every year. The school employs 60 members of highly-educated staff.

The Czacki High School in Warsaw has got a long tradition which dates back to 1876.

We are known as a society of students, sharing interests and trying to get as much fun out of being and working together as it’s possible. Every single person has his/ her own hobbies and skills which are an essential power in undertaking common challenges. There are many opportunities for students, parents, governors and staff to be an integral part of the shaping of this community.

Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with the parents.

We take pride in participating in NASA Killer Asteroids Program which resulted in the discovery of two planetary objects.

Our school cherishes a 22 years long Drama Festival tradition. Every year this event involves the whole student’s society. Not only actors but also: directors, scriptwriters, sound-light engineers and many other organizational sections have an opportunity to present their skills, become famous at school and acquire indispensable theatrical experience.

Our Curriculum is in accordance with the National Curriculum and includes compulsory subjects such as Math, Physics and Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, ICT, Culture Studies, Polish Literature, Foreign Languages (2 chosen from German, English and French), Latin, History, Civics, Geography, Physical Education and noncompulsory Religious Education and Ethics.

We are proud of the ICT facilities we have at Czacki. All classes have access to computers within their classrooms or ICT suite. We have our own school wireless intranet facilities as well as access to the internet. Some subjects are taught within our virtual learning environment.

We teach ICT as a discrete subject as well as encourages our students to use and develop their ICT skills across all other subjects.

We offer a wide variety of clubs that take place before and after school. These are run by members of staff and outside agencies. Some of the clubs we offer are: Choir, Bridge, Chess, Polish Red Cross Club, Sport Club, Psychological Club, Drama and Theatre Club, Shanties & Yacht Club, “CZADEK” School Magazine, Film Club.

100% of students each year pass their finals and the majority is accepted to major Polish universities which we cooperate tightly with. The most frequently chosen disciplines are Law, Medicine, IT Engineering.

Mrs. Anna Koszycka


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XXVII Liceum Ogólnokształcące im Tadeusza Czackiego
Ul. Polna 5
00-625 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 825 64 09

Management Board:

Headmistress: Anna Koszycka
Vice - Headmistress: Anna Chruszczewska

You can download our brochure in English:

download PDFBrochureczacki_brochure.pdf (587KB)